My favorite genre is Realistic Fiction because it gives me more of a real life type of feeling and it let’s me see life through another person’s eyes. I also like Romance for the same reason, and it gives me a sneak peek of what being in love can feel like. I love being surprised or shocked. My favorite authors are Elizabeth Acevedo, Angie Thomas, Jason Reynolds, Nicola Yoon, Nic Stone, and Renee Watson to name a few. I love reading because it’s a coping mechanism for me. I feel like I can breathe when I’m reading and I can get away from everything that stresses me on a daily basis. I also like reading the author’s acknowledgements to see who and what all inspired them to write that book.


Hi guys! I love to read Fiction/Realistic Fiction and some Mystery/Thriller books! (I don’t have one favorite book because they are all soo good!) Some of my favorite authors are Nic Stone, Elizabeth Acevedo, Jewell Parker Rhodes, Jason Reynolds, Kwame Alexander, Gordon Korman, Rick Riordian, and April Henry. I love to read because I like to see what the world is like from another person’s point of view--and it’s a great way to pass the time.


My favorite genre is either Thriller/Horror or Romance. I know April Henry writes amazing thrillers and Stephanie Meyer wrote the Twilight saga. My favorite books are New Moon or Breaking Dawn, Wolf Hollow, or the Five Nights at Freddy's franchize. Percy Jackson is also a really good series. I like reading because of the story. I can't tell you how important it is to have an interesting story to read. I even love to watch the movies after.


My favorite genre is realistic fiction or fantasy because I love the world building of fantasy but I also enjoy being able to read about realistic issues and feelings in realistic fiction. There is a certain point, however, where I don’t enjoy fantasy, and that is when it is so focused on the world that it forgets about the characters and/or plot. I don’t have a favorite author, since I forget names so easily. My favorite books are “The Thing About Jellyfish” by Ali Benjamin, “Stepsister” by Jennifer Donnelly ,”The Toymaker’s Apprentice” by Sherri L. Smith, and “The Imaginary” by A. F. Harrold. I like these books because they are overall fun stories and they make me think about life or relax me. I like reading because it makes me think about life and inspires me, at least if the book is good. In future I would like to read more diverse books, so I’m constantly taking notes from my fellow Rocket Reads members.


My favorite genre of books is fantasy. Some of my favorite authors are Suzanne Collins, John Green, Jason Reynolds, Gordon Korman, Rick Riordan, Alan Gratz, Veronica Roth. Some books that I have enjoyed reading are Cinder, Harry Potter, Hunger Games. Poisoned, Divergent. I love reading fantasy because it absorbs you and you can break away with whatever is bothering you.


Hi guys! My favorite type of books are realistic and historical fiction. I love reading and learning about historical events! :)Some of my favorite authors are Alan Gratz, Gordon Korman, Jason reynolds and Suzanne Collins. My favorite books are “Long Way down”, “Divergent,” and “The War That Saved My Life.” I like to read because it takes you into a different world, and it can take your mind off things that are going on around you.

Mrs. Green

Hey everyone! I am Mrs. Green, the teacher sponsor for the John Rex Rockets Read (a Project Lit chapter). Not only am I a really amazing English teacher, but I’m also an avid reader! I love pretty much all books, but my favorite genres would include realistic or historical fiction. I do randomly love me some fantasy though! I love sharing the love of reading with all of my students, and honestly, any kids I see in random bookstores, at the airport, etc. You can also find me following my favorite authors on Instagram. Nic Stone and I are basically best friends (but she doesn’t know it). I also love everything Jason Reynolds, Angie Thomas, or Elizabeth Acevedo. My lifelong passion is to get students to love reading, and I’m so lucky I get this opportunity to help this group share the love far and wide!